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We believe that websites should create value for your business enterprise. Before we proceed with your website, we make a concerted effort to understand your business, analyze your work environment, look at target markets, and also get a feel of your competitors.

We make sure that your site is reflective of what you want; and also what your customers want.We lay equal emphasis on Information Architecture and also Technical Architecture to present you with a picture perfect website.

Easy navigability, and professional layouts ensure that your website conveys the perfect impression to your visitors.

Any website, however pleasing it may be to the eye, cannot serve its purpose without an accent on web content. Aesthetics do matter. But your visitors do not land on your website for aesthetics. They are searching for some purposeful information. And if they do not find it on your website; they will just move over to the next.

Search Engines are content driven Even the most fabulous websites on the internet cannot convince Google or any other search engine that they are the best. Because if your website does not say or present something relevant, the search engine crawlers may not index your site at all.

Our e-Commerce solutions help you to harness the power of the Internet to fuel your business potential.

The most potent influence of the Online Revolution is the advent and growth of Online Shopping Malls.

The marketing strategies adopted in online shopping are both persuasive and compelling; with customers instantly reaching out for products. An online shopping experience on your website is a hassle free experience for you and your customers. All it requires is a perfect Logistics infrastructure to ensure timely delivery of goods and services to your customers.


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A dual module online manager to meet the daily needs of builders and flat promoters.

A material management module to keep track of materials inward, materials outward, material returns, and shifting of materials between 2 project sites.

SMS facility to update project supervisor of material arrival at site.

A workforce management module, which serves as a database of the workforce, with provisions to record daily attendance, advance payments made, and generate a weekly report of payables to workers.

SMS facility to update project supervisor of the list of workers assigned to their project site.

Upto 25 Domain emails with 5GB space / email.

A valuable tool for lawyers to store and access case data, generate daily hearing reports, client case status, and timeline of each case.

The software runs online on secure shared hosting servers.

Additional features include uploading attachments of files submitted by clients.

A fully featured back end for the senior lawyer.

And individual login sections for each junior lawyer.

The front end features a provision for clients to check the current status of their cases.

SMS facility to send out notifications to clients on hearing dates.

Upto 25 Domain emails with 5GB space / email.


The Ultimate Solution

to build your sales pipeline

If you have a smart team with smarter ambitions, then Aditya Sales Champ is the right choice for your organization. It is the most persuasive reporting and collaborative tool, which helps you to synchronize the activities of your sales representatives with the rest of the organization.

An easy to use interface, and a fully loaded Admin Control Panel ensures that your workforce masters the concept in less than 15 minutes and starts using it right away.

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